so close, yet sofa

our fourth-annual "last show ever"

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  1. Ridin'
  2. The Orchestra Tunes
  3. Bring A Torch (Jeanette Isabella)
  4. Hidden Dialogue
  5. The Moveable Furniture Jam
  6. About-Face
  7. Open Sea, Surrounded / Auld Lang Syne
  8. Six P.M.
Recorded live on 12.9.06 at the Chapel Coffeehouse in Ann Arbor, MI. All songs by The Moveable Furniture except “Ridin’” (Chamillionaire) and “Bring a Torch” (traditional). The furniture are: Mitch Koory (vocals), Nate Racklyeft (guitar/vocals) & Chris Tien (bass guitar/cello). Tanya Komblevitz (vocals) & Isaac Wang (violin) featured on tracks 3, 4, & 7. Special thanks to Tom Butwin for technical setup. Check him out at